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Putting the Pieces Back Together Again

My Golden Heart is a story of one mother’s heartache of losing a child to drug addiction and her journey that challenged her very soul to survive. Questions begin to emerge as a result of her journey with her daughter. She began to ask, “Why do some people become stuck in addictions, a broken heart, or grief and others move forward in life?" The answer she discovered was that each of us may carry soul wounds.

My Golden Heart teaches you how to identify soul wounds, how to know if you have one, and how to heal them. Soul exercises are contained within the book to help people survive their own path of pain and take back their lives.


In the United States today there are 440 million parents to children who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. My Golden Heart: Putting the Pieces Back Together Again has been written for these parents. Having a daughter who was addicted to drugs and alcohol, Sharron bravely tells the story of addiction through a mother’s perspective with love and grace. The question she was continually asking was, “how do people get stuck in addiction? “ “How do they get stuck in life period?” Those questions put Sharron on a path of discovery and led to her work with hypnosis. She didn’t set out to be a hypnotist; she was called to be a hypnotist. Many people were drawn to Sharron to be a part of this story.

Like many people who suffer with addiction Sharron’s daughter Tammy was carrying a secret. A secret so dark it was incomprehensible and buried deep in her subconscious mind. The secret was destroying her life. This book is the ultimate yen and yang in the counter balance of despair and faith, self- deception and honesty, love and grief. You are quickly pulled into the story as you are led to discover the secret Tammy held.

As a mother Sharron began to realize her whole life was being driven by her daughter’s addiction. She was gradually giving up pieces of herself until she no longer knew who she was. Stress as well as frustration was dominating her life. She can’t turn her back on her daughter, she has four small children, yet all of Sharron’s life dreams were disappearing in her daughter’s addiction.

As Sharron begins her path of discovery people began to knock on her door for hypnosis. She began to see a common thread that connected each of them. What unfolded was recognition of different soul wounds; how people acquire them and can heal them. The stage was set, learning began to unfold as Sharron was determined to find a way out of the darkness that had descended her family and heal her own personal soul wounds along the way. She began to write. . .

The first three chapters in My Golden Heart set the stage to allow the reader to easily understand the working of the conscious/subconscious mind /superconscious mind and the role it plays in our lives. This true story unfolds over a period of time during a series of hypnosis session resulting in the written word and poems set forth in this book. Poetic prose (being similar to hypnotic language), is included because of its ability to communicate with the subconscious mind.

Sharron’s answer to her questions is full of tears and sometimes laughter, but in the end she came out with a profound understanding of the working of the subconscious mind and how it drives every person’s behavior behind the scenes. Sharron graciously shares her learning with her readers.

Tammy’s secret is finally revealed. As this story unfolds the reader realizes it probably is not going to have a happy ending yet Sharron miraculously leaves the reader with hope. She has created hypnosis exercises intended to help others survive their own person path of pain and take back their life. Exercises within and the book is written specifically to empower the reader.

Chapter 1

The Soul; physical, emotional, spiritual wound stored in your unconscious mind. Characterized by
loss, numbness, emptiness, exaggerated feelings. Soul wounds block your life’s purpose. We are born
Precious, Energy – we are energetic beings. Some are born with higher energy levels than others, but
the key to life is how we choose to use our energy. Birth Energy, Poem: Change (25), Change is a Scary
Exercise 1: Energy Exchange (21)

Chapter 2

My Story, marriage & Viet Naum. Two beautiful daughters Tammy & Stephanie. Stress as a Dragon.
Poem: One Smoke, No Pain (39), Tammy beginning of drugs & life choices. Poem: Choices (45) Marriage
& Viet Naum. Two beautiful daughters Tammy & Stephanie. Time Stands Still: Morgan almost
drowning. Metaphorical Story: The Sunflower (51). I am in the Right Place. My First Hypnosis.
Tammy’s Transplant.

Chapter 3

Subconscious mind – part of the mind outside of conscious awareness. Superconscious Mind – part
of the mind connected with the universal or quantum consciousness. Hypnosis. You go in and out of
hypnosis every day. Metaphors can help you make positive change & learning. Time & Space – the
subconscious mind in not locked into linear time. Milton Erickson. Trance & the Role of Ritual
Exercise 2: Self-Hypnosis (68) Exercise 3: The Eagle Relaxation Hypnosis (77)

Chapter 4

Life Lesson from Houdini: Be enthusiastic about life. Be engaged in the moment. Seize the moment.
If you set your goals high, be prepared to accept help. Ask for a hug when you need it. Stress as an
Addiction. Choose Your Words Wisely. The Power of Silence. Poem: Rhyming Time (90) Stress &
Worry are Best Buddies. Listening to Your Instincts
Soul Exercise 4: Simple Meditation (85) Exercise 5: The Power of Words (87)
Soul Exercise 6: Creative Visualization (92) 7: Reinvent Your Day (95)

Chapter 5

Childhood Stress. Prolonged childhood stress can cause leaning difficulties, suppressed immune
system, impair memory and cause smaller brain development. My Inner Child. Forgotten experience
impacts current life My College Fairy & college. Tammy’s inner child. Poem: A Picture is Worth a
Million Words (109) Inherited Soul Loss. Toxic Parents. Poem: Pages of Time (112) Tribal Connections
– loss of generational moral code of behavior can causes soul wounds. Traumatic Imprints are
relatively resistant to forgetting and extinction. Raymond’s Inner Child. Frozen in Fear. Poem: Fear
(122) David was an angry young boy. . . Allie was a perfectionist . . . I Always Believe I am in
Trouble. Victim Mentality. Lily had been abused . . .
Exercise 8: Healing Fears (102) Exercise 9: Live Fearlessly (120) Exercise 8: Inner Child Meditation (97)
Soul Exercise 9: Live Fearlessly (120) Soul Exercise 10: Love Your Inner Child (136)

Chapter 6

Poem: Conflict (140) When the heart carries a wound, emotions get stuck and can be difficult to heal.
Addicted to Love – Joan was giving everything to the relationship because she was addicted to love.
Lonely Heart – the key to rise above a lonely heart is to have a loving heart. Poem: Tomorrow (151)
Gratitude – a grateful mind is important because it is constantly fixed on the positive, therefore it will
attract the positive. Detachment – meditation and hypnosis can help you to detach emotionally in a
healthy way. Sherry had a broken heart . . . Zachary had poisonous arrows sticking out of his heart,
Poem: Heart Songs (163)
Exercise 11: Opening Your Heart (142) Exercise 12: Engage in Your Feelings (147) Exercise 13: Healing
Loneliness (150) Exercise 14: Opening to Gratitude (154)
Exercise 15: Walking Mindfully (157)

Chapter 7

Stephanie’s Story – Stephanie is angry. Tammy’s Story. Tammy gets high & commits crimes. House
of Heartbreak. Poem: My Mother, My Mentor, My Friend, (172) Poem: Don’t Ever Give Up (172) Poem: The Shadow of My Brain (175) Raymond’s Story and the beginning of Cries in the Night: the Book of
Hope. Closure
Exercise 16: Forgiveness (182)

Chapter 8

Trauma becomes locked in time in the unconscious mind and can cause missing soul parts.
Shamanism can promote positive transformation without inflicting further trauma. Jason was frozen
in anger. Frozen Anger – anger is not necessarily bad, it is the choices you make in response to the
anger that often can be a problem. Poem: Ghosts (195) Smacked Out of Time, Sharron was walking
and ran over by a car. Kinesiology. Sound Therapy. Trust – I have traded my old way of being to be
more compassionate and loving to myself and others.
Exercise 17: Healing Anger (196)

Chapter 9

Poem: Coming Down (209) Lisa was addicted to crack. Lisa’s interview. Judgement, an addict’s
survival is based on their ability to analyze, judge, categorize and defend themselves. Tammy’s
Hidden Memories. Poem: A Mother’s Poem (218) Poem: My Child (220) Addiction: the Disease –
Addiction like cancer can kill you slowly or quickly and there is no predicting the outcome. Soul
Fracturing – when a person is overwhelmed with trauma, stress, or abuse a part of the soul can
energetically split apart from the core of the person’s energy. Earthbound Entities. To heal a person
of addiction, the soul needs be freed of all possessing earthbound and dark energy. Angel Protection,
because choices with free will are given, you must specifically ask for protection. Lies are at the core
of addiction.
Exercise 18: Protection Prayer (225)

Chapter 10

Forgiving yourself can be harder than forgiving others. Poem: The Thief (230) Forgiveness is
sometimes a process. God’s Grace, you can hold onto an angry heart or choose a compassionate
heart. Forgiveness for the Family – A family is only as ill as the secrets they keep.
Exercise 19: Divine Forgiveness (231) Exercise 20: Letting Go of the Past (238)

Chapter 11

For the Children, Raymond connects with his Shamanic heritage through past life regression.
Ancestor Grandfather connects with Raymond through shamanism and hypnosis. Bigger picture of
soul loss unfolds. Other people are drawn into the creation of Cries in the Night. Grandfather connects
with Tammy in prison.
Soul Exercise 21: Earth & Sun Meditation (248)

Chapter 12

Past life regression is for people who want to expand their life’s experiences, connect with loved ones
across the ages, draw upon their own wisdom, and bring resolution to past occurrences. Soul wounds
through past lives impact your current life. Rob’s past life. Larry’s past lives had an overriding theme
of loss and heartbreak. Larry discovers his giftedness from his past lives. Tammy & Raymond. Poem:
Try Again (263) Angels, can help if you ask. Tammy.

Chapter 13

Poem: Today is Mother’s Day (272) Grief – there is sacredness in tears. They are not a mark of weakness
but of power. Poem: Tears The Healing Power of Sound. Poem: Tammy (280) The Golden Eagle
brings energy to the book. 30 Days to Live – the creation of this book has been a hard journey for me;
I had to die to myself to live again. Through the process of writing this book, I found softness and
compassion. Shamanic Breath work and revelations. Mayo Clinic. Pterodactyl Era; bringing myself
back into time. Family. Gratitude Journal.

Change pg. 25
One Smoke, No Pain pg. 39
Choices pg. 45
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A Picture is Worth a Million Words pg. 108
Pages of Time pg. 112
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Tomorrow pg. 151
Heart Songs pg. 161
My Mother, My Mentor, My Friend pg. 171
Don’t Ever Give UP pg. 172
The Shadow of My Brain pg. 175
Ghosts pg. 195
Coming Down pg. 209
A Mother’s Poem pg. 218
My Child pg. 220
The Thief pg. 230
Try Again pg. 263
Today is Mother’s Day pg. 272 Tears pg. 275
Tammy pg. 280
Stillness pg. 296

1. Energy Exchange pg. 21
2. Self-Hypnosis pg. 68
3. The Eagle Relaxation Hypnosis pg. 77
4. Simple Meditation pg. 85
5. The Power of Words pg. 87
6. Creative Visualization pg. 92
7. Reinvent Your Day pg. 95
8. Healing Fears pg. 102
9. Live Fearlessly pg. 120
10. Love Your Inner Child pg. 136
11. Opening Your Heart pg. 142
12. Engage Your Feelings pg. 147
13. Healing Loneliness pg. 150
14. Opening to Gratitude pg. 154
15. Walking Mindfully pg. 157
16. Forgiveness pg. 182
17. Healing Anger pg. 196
18. Protection Prayer pg. 225
19. Divine Forgiveness pg. 231
20. Letting Go of the Past pg. 238
21. Earth & Sun Meditation pg. 248


Do you want to feel better and have more energy? Do you want to be more spontaneous and have more joy in life? Do you know what is in your subconscious treasure chest that is leading your life? Are traumas in your life, both known and unknown, driving your life? Learn how to become unstuck in life by becoming aware of the subconscious behavior that is driving the magic carpet of your life. One day Sharron woke up and realized her life was not her own. It was being run by her daughter’s drug addiction, and she didn’t know how to take it back. It was then that Sharron began to ask herself, “What makes people become stuck in life and why can’t they change?” She kept asking why her daughter was stuck in addiction and couldn’t free herself. Have you ever felt that your life was falling apart due to someone else’s addiction? Are you a parent who feels helpless to change the path your child is going down, and you know it is going to destroy them? Or, are you stuck in a life you didn’t choose for yourself for other reasons and don’t know a way out of it? Sharron soon found that you should be careful of the questions you ask -- as you may have to experience the answer. In three months time Sharron lost her father, her daughter, thirteen of her relatives, and was ran over by a car. Life as she knew it was turned upside down as she descended into the darkness of her personal tragedy. Sharron was determined to find a way out of the darkness as she delved into the physical reality of her personal tragedies, and also the subconscious healing that brought about her wholeness.