Using the power of hypnosis in combination with the art and symbols that trigger and open subconscious communication, I assist clients in connecting with their inner resources through hypnosis to help them goal set regarding their problems, challenges and “soul issues”.


Hypnotherapy can be a very powerful tool. The ability of the professional consulting hypnotherapist to discover what the subconscious reasons as to why you smoke, will allow the ingrained behavior to be modified. There are many reasons why people smoke...the obvious being that smoking is an acquired habit, peer pressure, social inclusion etc.

Once the decision is made to become a non-smoker, we will help you enlist your powerful subconscious mind to become successful. If you want to quit, and you think you would feel more comfortable with a reason that is based on something other than negativity and fears, hypnosis is the right place for you. Success depends on having a plan (we provide the plan) and a method for converting your desire into positive action.