Bitter Cold

Leisure Lakes

“God makes beautiful days but often you are too distracted to notice them. Stop and soak them in. They are a gift to you. “         

Today I look out my dining room window and it is bitter cold outside. What I like about the bitter cold is everything has a sharp crisp look to it. I can imagine sharply sucking in the air into my lungs when I walk outside into it. Even the squirrels are burrowing into their hidey-holes, taking a break from frantically gathering walnuts from our trees out front. I laugh because like the squirrels Steve has been gathering, peeling the walnut covers off, and cracking them open to pick the prized nut out. Do you know how many walnuts it takes to fill a cup?

What I like about this cold winter day is it gives me time to reflect back on other cold winter memories like when I was a kid and my sisters and brother played outside until our fingers and toes nearly fell off. The best part was coming into the house, glasses steaming up, throwing off all the boots, shoes, scarves, gloves and drinking a hot cup of cocoa while it was warming our hands. Other memories like watching my children laughing and playing, chasing each other on the iced over pond dance through my mind.

Times have changed as I sit with my memories, and I am happy to observe the bitter cold out my window grateful for what it shows me and grateful I don’t have to go outside.

Love & Light, Sharron Magyar

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