Grief Expands Your Understanding of Life

Letter to My Daughter

Dear Stephanie

Did you know that when your loved one has passed on to the other side, they can tune into what you are thinking and experiencing? It is like tuning into a specific radio channel. Do not worry, they are not invasive with it. It is comforting that they still connect to us.

If you tune in, you can also receive confirmation they are with us. Zachary has already let you know he communicates with random gigantic birds. The other day I was sitting on the front porch and an enormous bird rose out of the water and flew away. I did not know what kind of bird it was, but I knew it was. “Hi,” from Zachary.

What you did not know is a recent scientific research project on grief has proved that people who maintain an ongoing relationship with their loved ones who have passed on the other side results in a smoother integration of grief. That is funny, because society’s expectations are the opposite.

Grief expands your understanding of life. You have to experience it to get it.

Keep on talking to your loved ones. Imagine you can feel them next to you. Do things in their name because that is what you know they would want you to do. They are all on the other side cheering you on.

Love You,


Sharron Magyar

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