Want Your Power Back? Try Hypnosis

Many times, people find themselves at Golden Heart Hypnosis’s door because they are experiencing power loss. Often clients don’t consciously know they are powerless, the complaint is usually “I can’t sleep”, “I don’t have any energy”, “My family is driving me nuts”, “My job is too demanding”, “I’m having panic attacks”, and so forth.  

One symptom of power loss is a severe reduction in energy, a sense of inertia and powerlessness. Other symptoms manifest themselves as low self-esteem, self-depreciation, low grade illness, recurrent mishaps or continual bad luck, feeling disconnected from loved ones, feeling out of control and panic attacks. Power loss can also be experienced as being fixed in a workaholic pattern or experiencing an inability to maintain boundaries.

We Cooperate

To some degree we all cooperate with our own power loss by failing to listen to our instincts and to make matters worse our society pushes us to give away our power every day by encouraging us to give up our rights, integrity, boundaries and spiritual authenticity in many ways.

So how do you prevent power loss personally? Use your free will and do not accept being manipulated or coerced into something against your better judgment and you learn to say no and draw the line against strong willed others. It is OK to be selfish and to attend to your needs before those of others and it is OK to remove yourself from situations and people who cause power loss to occur. You cannot be good to others if you cannot be good to yourself. Most of all you have to recognize your personal code of honor and respect it.

Connect to Your Power

Finally keep connected to your personal source of power such as music, books, sports pets, friends, art, etc. These connections are blessings in your life and empower you.

Hypnosis is all about personal empowerment; change often comes rapidly and is profound. To schedule a free 15 minute discovery appointment call 217-483-7200. We offer in office or zoom sessions.

Love & Light

Sharron Magyar

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