The Creek Outside My Window

Leisure Lakes

Today as I look out the window and see the creek, I notice the ducks taking refuge out of the wind. They are in a constant flow of coming in to be exchanged by new ones as they fly out.

There are tufts of grass peeking out of the water, but some days the grass is completely hidden by raging water. It depends on the day and season.

If I am lucky, I can spot a deer coming to get a drink. He is quick and sly. There is an eagle perched high above majestically watching from his tree waiting for opportunity to seize a fish or a mouse or who knows what else. Last year he had a young eagle here and was teaching him how to fish. The adult eagle was very vocal, screeching out, “Do this, do that.”

At night when it is dark, I can hear the coyotes barking at each other. I wonder what they are seizing out of the river. I am not curious enough to go see. I often hear the noise of a mink down there; I hope they have not found him.

I have been told my dad who has passed onto the other side likes to come and sit on our patio so he can watch the creek action. I like to think he is sitting beside me as I watch the creek out my window.

So many surprises!

Love & Light, Sharron Magyar

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