Excellence in Your Life


Each of us has a high state of excellence we can strive to achieve no matter what phase your life is in. Excellence is different for each person. Perhaps for a drug addict it is going through each day without doing drugs. Maybe for a preacher it is saving someone’s soul and for some it is getting up and going to work each day.

There are factors that can influence excellence in your life. The first factor is that you practice being true to your integrity. That means giving time and thought to what your values are. Your values are the things that you believe are essential in the way you live and work.

Values determine your priorities, and, innately, they’re most likely the measures your happiness. You can evaluate your values to tell if your life is turning out the way you want it to.

When your actions and words match your values, life is usually delightful – you’re satisfied and content. But when your actions and words don’t align with your personal values, that’s when things feel … amiss. This can be the basis of unhappiness.

Take a moment right now and make a list of your values. Memorize it and before you take any questionable action. Ask yourself the question, “Does this action line up with my values?”

Occasionally we let life slip by while we let others determine our values and make choices for us.

Are there people that you need to limit your exposure to because they don’t line up with your values? That sounds harsh, but do you want to let life slip by without being the best you can be, living with regret that you didn’t live it with integrity or that you let everyone else be in control of your life except yourself?

Selectively limiting your exposure to people in your life that doesn’t line up with your values does not mean you cannot love them; it just means that they are not allowed to make decisions and choices for you.

Achieving excellence in you life is rewarding. It enables you to connect with a bigger life’s purpose while cultivating integrity with yourself to open the door for new relationships who support and love you. Most of all you will love yourself.

Love & Light
Sharron Magyar

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