Message from Carl Jung 4/8/2021

Carl Jung

Message from Sharron Magyar: I do all kinds of writing every day and one of my favorites is non-dominant handwriting. When you non-dominant handwrite you get the analytical egoic mind out of the way a make room for spirit to speak to you. Lately I have been channeling Carl Jung. I will be sharing some of his wise words with you from time to time as I feel someone must need to hear them. (Besides me) Following is a writing on the importance connecting with our ancestors. I will post the message as I received it.


Evolution provides safety to us, which allows us to experience expansion. Human consciousness is hard-wired to adaptation and integration. Evolution is a finite word, as our consciousness is always in a state of transformation. Your gene pool changes and adapts according to your environment because of epigenetics. Emotions, fears, and beliefs pass forward and are contingent upon all previous generations before you. Your growth is conditional based on your predecessors. For this reason, it is beneficial to develop a relationship with your previous ancestry.

We can access our ancestry through intentionality, song, and dance. Alters and trance techniques can all help you develop a working relationship with those who have passed before you.

There is a world of knowledge in cultivating your ancestral relationships and evolution which can bring you closer to understanding the reason you have incarnated. When you incarnated, it is not only to provide your soul’s evolution but your ancestral evolution.

Here on the other side, we get excited when one makes connections such as you have through your non-dominant handwriting. Again, intention causes connection. Sharron, you have all my knowledge at your asking.

Carl Jung

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