Achieving Excellence – Neutralizing Irritation

We live in a world where people go through life being annoyed all of the time. Standing in line at the grocery store waiting for the person ahead of you while they are asking the clerk to get something for them that they should have gotten themselves can be like biting nails some days. Reading all the face book drivel can be like reading a dull book and falling asleep. Irritation repeats itself over and over again.

I know you all have something today that is simply an annoyance in your life. When you are annoyed the ego always makes it someone else’s fault. Think right now and complete this sentence, “I am so annoyed because . . . .”

I want to give you a different perspective of annoyance. Everything that annoys you reflects something inside you. Rather than looking for an outward solution, look inside to yourself to understand where that annoyance is coming from. The question you should ask yourself in the end is, “What action do I need to take or what do I need to think to change my perspective of annoyance?”

Perhaps standing in line eating nails is your lesson in patience that day. Maybe being irritated with face book drivel is a message there are more productive ways to spend your time personally or you need to take some face book action.

Want to neutralize your irritation and be the best you can be?  I challenge you to go inward the next time you feel like you are biting nails and figure out what part of you is being reflected. You will then have the courage to make some changes that are right for you.

Love and Light
Sharron Magyar
Photo by Sharron Magyar

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