Easy Self Hypnosis Instructions

Crafting the Suggestions:

Adapt the basic induction for your personal goals by adding specific hypnotic suggestions.
Always do self-hypnosis in a quiet, private place. Suggestions should be:

Stated in the present
Carry a reward
Written out in advance

Be sure to imagine the emotion or sensation of the goal you wish to achieve. Picture it as though it is already occurring.

Self-Hypnosis Instructions

Self-suggestion, concentration and imagination are the tools you use for self-hypnosis. It is important to avoid the analytical approach; this keeps your conscious mind alert. Remember to find a comfortable place to be alone. There are many methods for inducing self-hypnosis; the following is a quick, easy one. Don’t make it complicated!

Carefully craft your suggestion before entering your induction. Write your positive suggestion on a 3X5 card which you can carry with you at all times. Focus your mind on a positive statement while in a relaxed state. You will experience a high level of focus and concentration in self-hypnosis. This state of mind will help you generate important changes in order to reach your goals.

Do the exercise at least once a day – if possible, twice a day. You will soon find yourself making permanent changes that impact your life in a positive way.

• The process takes approximately twenty to thirty minutes. The time it takes will become shorter when you become more practiced.
• To avoid falling asleep, sit up; do not lie down.

Begin Self-Hypnosis:
Close your eyes and slowly release your mind of any thought or emotion. It takes practice. Don’t get discouraged if thoughts intrude, just observe them and let them go. Let your thoughts take their own direction . . . . Contract and release every muscle from head to toe, and let the stress and tension flow away from your body. Check in with your body to see where you are still holding tension. If so, contract and release the muscles in that area again.

Take a deep breath. Breathe deeply into your belly for seven counts; hold your breath for seven counts; exhale for seven counts, and hold for seven counts. Repeat this process seven times. Breathe in tranquility and peace as you inhale. Breathe out stress and tension as you exhale. Through repetition you will step into a natural breathing rhythm.

When you are fully relaxed use your imagination and visualize yourself happy and in a safe place. Engage your senses – what do you smell? Hear? Feel? Taste? And see? Step deeper into the sensory experience and intensify it.

Imagine you are at the top of a staircase and you are descending. There are 10 steps to go down, and as you go down the steps, say to yourself, “deeper”. When you reach the bottom, you should be completely relaxed and in a deep state of hypnosis. It may take fifteen to twenty minutes for beginners to totally relax.

Choose a spot on the wall in front of you, slightly above eye-level, and hold the suggestion card in front of the spot. Read the suggestion to yourself three times. Make sure the words on the card are believable to you. You may put the card down and close your eyes again. Allow yourself to imagine accomplishing what is written on the card, while repeating the suggestion over and over in your mind. Use your vivid imagination. Eventually, the suggestion may begin breaking up, while you only capture pieces of the words. That is okay. Allow yourself to simply be in the space.

After you feel complete with the process, start counting 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. At the end of counting, you will awaken refreshed and in a normal state of consciousness. Open your eyes after a few moments and slowly get up.

The whole process is aimed at self-improvement. For your benefit and success, give yourself time (up to 21 days) for the suggestion to take hold. Repetition improves the likelihood successful suggestions.

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