Often we go through the day not even noticing what is happening around us. Following are suggestions for implementing awareness to help keep yourself grounded and present.

• Develop a mind-set that stays open to all possibilities. Refuse to rule out the ability to use awareness as your primary tool for combating long-held thinking habits. “All things are possible and that leaves nothing out.”
• Practice using awareness at your own pace, in your own way, in circumstances that crop up throughout your daily life.
• Practice giving rather than asking for more.
• Practice being non judgmental and offering help where you previously offered criticism.
• In childhood, repetition was something you most likely used to reinforce things you were mastering
• Repeat this affirmation over and over to have it solidify. I LET GO OF OLD WAYS OF THINKING, AND I ACCESS AWARENESS.
• When you are compelled to use an excuse, become aware that you no longer need to.

Love & Light
Sharron Magyar

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