Thanksgiving 2016


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Today is Thanksgiving and I am thinking of what I am thankful for. I feel so blessed that throughout the years my parents made their house an open house for all the family and friends. For as long as I can remember all of my siblings and their children crowded home for Thanksgiving Day. What was so special for that day was that we didn’t ever know who extra was going to be invited.

My first memory is that of Uncle Everett and Aunt Oreta who was old as dirt (In their 90’s). No matter what their health was like they came Thanksgiving Day.  As they led us in prayer in unison I always used to think of how they left us an endearing memory. Uncle Everett looked like a prophet with his long white beard and Aunt Oreta was a little bitty petite woman, yet to me what was so fascinating was the strength they emanated.

One year one of my sisters worked at the State Mental Hospital. She got permission to bring one of the patients to our house for Thanksgiving. It was the first Holiday he had spent out of the institution and he was thrilled to be at our house. What he didn’t know was that he gave us a special thanksgiving with his enthusiasm. We never took getting together at the holiday for granted again.

Another year at Christmas we had visitors from Russia. We always take family pictures at holidays and that particular year we had 5 generations together. The Russians were duly impressed because they had never had seen 5 generations at one time. The TV station came out and videotaped the dinner. I clearly remember how beautiful the red dishes were on the table that my sister Nancy had decorated. That was her special job; mine was to always make homemade bread.

This year I made homemade bread. My Mom and Dad have passed away and all the siblings are celebrating the holidays at their individual homes. Steve and I are going to the Lake Club to a dinner they have. Here is the good news. Family and memories are in the heart.

As I pray and eat today I will remember all the good times we had together and think of my siblings, nieces and nephews as they spend the day with their families. Love to all of them and love to you for Thanksgiving.

Sharron Magyar

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