Are You Worrying Yourself Sick?


I am thinking today about how luring it is to get trapped in the web of worry. The more we focus on how worried we are the more immobilized we become. Many days bring difficulties, but often we rehearse them over and over again like a spider watching their prey about to die.

The next time you agree to get caught in the worry web do not multiply your agony. You might ask yourself the question, “Will any of the things I am worrying about matter in one hundred years?”

For myself I journal each day which allows me to remain centered and balanced throughout the day and to release my worries. Many people use exercise, hobbies and spirituality; you have your own healthy way of relaxing and becoming peaceful. Perhaps you can challenge yourself to make a daily habit of transforming fears into trust.

Vickor Frankl – When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

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