Cultivating Positive Energetic Habits When Grieving

When I lost my daughter and two grandsons, having enough energy just to get out of bed was an issue. Anything you can do to increase your energy when grieving is helpful. Marcus Aurelius in Destiny notes we should put our energy into that which comes to you wove in the path of your destiny. The Bhagavad-Gita tells us we are in the habit of cultivating poor energetic habits. If you think of every interaction, you have in terms of what is happening to you energetically, it will change your habits dramatically.

When you interact with someone either you take their energy, you give them energy or there is an equal exchange of energy. Your words also carry energy. When you argue or gossip about someone, you are sending negative energy. When you say something positive, you are giving positive energy. Three simple changes can positively change your energy level.

1. Developing Compassion
2. Cancelling out negative thoughts
3. Cultivate the habit of giving
4. Using intention

The Dalai Lama tells us to cultivate compassion and that if we do, we create positive energy, and which comes back to you and is available for creativity. Compassion is to empathize with others who are suffering and feel compelled to reduce the suffering. He also tells us if we develop compassion, we will have a sense of belonging to humanity and this belonging will give us inspiration as well as to prevent us from feeling lonely. When I talk about developing compassion, I mean compassion for yourself as well as others.

Another way to cultivate positive energy is to practice the habit of cancelling out negative thoughts. According to Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner in the book NLP: the New Technology of Achievement most of us are in the habit of focusing negative energy on what we fear. Focusing on fear sucks up your energy at an alarming rate while snowballing into negative feelings. Change your thoughts to the positive and you will change your feelings, which frees up energy to move through grief.

Deepak Chopra notes we can come into positive energetic alignment by cultivating the habit of giving and being mindful of intention. Love, material things, and pleasurable experiences will circulate with the energy of the Universe with the simple act of giving. If you are experiencing low energy, give something away to someone who needs it. It does not have to be big, even giving little things can lift your energy. Give a compliment, give a card, give a call.

The last important habit to cultivate is the habit of intention. Determine to act in a certain way, even if you do not feel like it. As my daughter says, “Fake it until you make it.” Before you set an intention, decide how you want to feel. Create an affirmation that gives your intention energy. Share your intention with others. Soon you will act from your heart. Chopra notes that intention organizes energy and makes it expand. This expanded energy with help you get through the difficulties of grieving and bring love into your life.


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    It’s onerous to search out knowledgeable people on this matter, but you sound like you realize what you’re talking about! Thanks

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