The Beach


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As I begin my walk along the beach I look ahead and try to figure out how far two miles will be. It seems too far for me to walk. I think it is not much unlike life. If you set your goals too far ahead they seem unachievable, so I put my head down and begin to focus on putting one footstep ahead of the other. As I walk I begin to feel the sun on my hair, hear the ocean waves and feel a cool breeze blowing on my skin. I finally settle into the rhythm of walking.

I come upon a place where the sand is in ripples, seems to be a repeat of the pattern of the ocean waves coming in and out. How curious the repeat patterns in nature. As I continue walking and stumble upon a piece of shell that was a perfect oblong, just right for making a piece of jewelry. I think about what I am going to paint on it. I thought it might be funny to paint a shell on it. Keep walking . . .

I then spy a second shell also a flawless square. What would be the odds of finding two perfectly formed shells for jewelry making in one day? I put the treasure in my pocket and I keep my head down and continue walking when I see a piece of driftwood. It has waves on it, a repetition of the ocean waves, and a repetition of the waves in the sand. The driftwood seems to have a personality. It looks like a giant centipede. I pick it up and carry it home with me to put in my flower garden in Illinois so I can remember this day.

Finally I come to my husband who is fishing on the shore and sit down on his fishing bucket. I am tired, my legs and pulsing. We sit there in perfect companionable silence.  I walked the two miles, not bad for a girl who couldn’t walk from the living room chair to the bath room last year.

Love & Light

Sharron Magyar

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  • I love this article. I felt like I was walking right along with you, enjoying your discoveries and even hearing the gentle water. The font, the picture, and the wording all worked together to engage with the reader. Job well done!

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