As I Sit On The Veranda And Look Down Upon The Ocean Waves?


Image by Pixabay

As I sit on the veranda and look down upon the ocean waves I notice the wind is pushing them along. The waves ripple up white foam that curiously looks like fine lace. A straight path cuts through the lace to soon be dissolved in the ocean. Curiously I wonder where it came from and where it was going.

Once the waves hit the shore the lacy foam curls into patterns shape shifting the sand. Best of all is the sound of the wind and sea; earth speaking to me.

I suddenly spy a dolphin as he is peeking his head up out of the water. He stays there for a moment as if he is giving me a nod of acknowledgement. I love the way he is peeking at me. We say hi and he disappears, having given me a special gift to think about for the day.

Love & Light

Sharron Magyar

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