50th Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow is mine and Steve’s 50th wedding anniversary. I remember the day we married. It was a beautiful sunny fall day. The air was crisp, orange leaves drifting down from the trees. The squirrels were scurrying for nuts as the sun shinned on our faces. We didn’t have much money but we managed to spend…

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Writing Rituals

  Today we are writing about how we physically get ready to write. Don’t laugh when I share my secrets with you. I write in bed, I write in the car. I write on the napkin at the restaurant and sometimes I sit at my computer, light a candle, play soft music to set the…

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  The other day I went to the Dr. with my husband. The doctor and my husband got on the conversation of why Viet Naum Vets couldn’t let go of the trauma of what they saw in the war. The Doctor noted she saw traumatic things every day and she just let it go. Her…

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